Today in Bitcoin (2018-02-14) - Microsoft Study shows on-chain scaling is not enough 11 months ago

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Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "(learing there is already a well made parody song about the problem did not make me feel better)"

The Mad Tour: Europe 2017

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Pirate Beachbum on Twitter: "BOOM! "In a blog post on Monday, Director of Program Management at Microsoft’s Identity Division Alex Simons said that layer 2 scaling solutions, which principally involve the Lightning Network, are superior to on-chain scaling."…"

Hisham Fahmy on Twitter: "Microsoft collaborating on decentralized Layer 2 protocols that run atop #Bitcoin #Bullish cc: @timpastoor…"

Goodbye Bitcoin Cash? Microsoft: On-Chain Scaling 'Degrades Decentralization' -

"99% of these ICOs & alt coins r scams, so I only buy Bitcoin

"I wanted to be free and be a cave-painter.

"“The central bank explains its perspective on #bitcoin,

""The risk of NOT holding Bitcoin is greater than the risk of holding Bitcoin" World crypto network 11feb 2018"

"Most things revert to the mean, but the problem is we often don't know what the mean is until after the fact."

"there's a blind spot. people can't see new technologies, especially ones that eliminate their businesses. think about the Trojans when they wheeled in that horse. It was just a really nice statue. Not the kinda thing you'd leave outside. #bitcoin"

"Roger @rogerkver, please stop calling Bitcoin, Bitcoin Core.

"Spreading the word at Ripley's in Branson. #Bitcoin @MadBitcoins @KennethBosak @TechBalt @theonevortex @WorldCryptoNet…"

Dennis Parkeron Twitter: "Sorry @rogerkver #rekt… "

"Hacking on some new stuff for @ln_zap v0.2.0

"Back in 2013 the scams were complex.

"Beautiful new #bitcoin street art in Paris by Ludo… "

"Fixing at time of #BCASH fork would've been *trivial*

"Misinformation is contagious. Perhaps you shouldn't partner with folks who use deception as a marketing tool.… "

"Looking forward to bitcoin haters suddenly becoming very concerned about SETI"

Crypto-currency craze 'hinders search for alien life' - BBC News

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