9 Tips For Stopping Hackers from Stealing Your Crypto 11 months ago

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Get the firewall located at the address below:
CryptoWall Firewall
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Wallets (both are sponsorship links)

Password Protection

Intrusion Detection
Malware Prevention
Firmware Updates
Built in Wi-Fi Protection
Private VPN

2. Trading on the go
Trading from your mobile phone or laptop on public Wi-Fi hotspots is one of the fastest way to get your accounts hacked and your funds stolen.

Use the Cryptowall to connect to your home internet with private VPN tunnel.

You can also use a VPN network like NordVPN to allow you to trade in public places to keep you safe from intrusion and hackers.

3. Passwords
Create complicated passwords with characters, letters and numbers (with no associated words)

1Password is a great app to create very tough to crack passwords for your exchanges on your computer and mobile phone.

1Password has AES-256 encryption and PBKDF2 key derivation.

Just $3 per month for 1 person that allows you to access everything online or offline.

4. Two Factor Authentication
Authy or Google Authenticator are the best ones.
Much more difficult for a hacker to get through. Just one more barrier for your safety.

5. VPN
Hide Your Location
Encrypts Your Data
Secures you at Public Wi-Fi

Use a wallet to take your funds offline and keep them safe from hacks.

Most common wallets:
Paper Wallets
Trezor Wallets
Ledger Nano Wallets

6. Email Accounts
Use email addresses that have no association with you to sign up for exchanges.
Keeps hackers from being able to use your personal email to break into an exchange.
Turn on 2FA for your email accounts

7. Phone Accounts
New Phishing scams are working to port your phone number to gain access to your 2FA accounts.
Buy a cheap smart phone with NO known associations for you to set up your 2FA on.
This way they can’t find out what your number is to use.

8. Private Keys
Only store your private keys on paper.
Do not store them in an email.
Do not store them on dropbox.
Do not store them on a word document on your computer.
Make two copies in case one of the copies gets compromised.
Do not share your private key with anybody.


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